Dinosaur Society Publications

The publications wing of the Dinosaur Society began life humbly enough some 6 years ago, as a distributor of the US Dinosaur Society's quarterly magazine.  Shortly afterwards, Doug Palmer began to edit a UK version, as an extra for members.  When Doug left, the post of editor of the UK Quarterly became vacant - not an immediate problem, until the fall of the US Society at the end of 1997.  A new editor was then brought in for the UK magazine, to fill the void left by the demise of the US journal.  Since then, a variety of technical problems have assailed the magazine, delaying its regular production.  These now appear to be under control, and 2000 should be the year that the UK 'Quarterly' actually lives up to its name!  The Quarterly Journal is moving towards more topical reporting, with peer-reviewed material.

For junior members, the Dinosaur Society has always produced the DinoMite publication.  More geared towards activities, puzzles and junior museum reviews, it has gone through a number of reincarnations over the years, and another one is about to happen: traditionally scheduled to run monthly, this year will see a transition towards larger issues appearing every two months.

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