Hugh Miller

(10th October 1802 - 24th December 1856)

One of Scotland's most famous geological writers Hugh Miller was born in Cromarty, Invernesshire in 1802.  At the age of five, his father, a sea-captain, died tragically in stormy weather off the coast at Buchan.

An engraving by Bell from Tunny's photoograph
- from the collections of the Hunterian Museum

Hugh Miller's birth place, Cromarty (August 2000).  His cottage is now a museum run by the National Trust for Scotland.

A sketch of the house by Hugh Miller himself.

In the garden of the house is an ornate dialstone that Hugh Miller carved as a young man.  He carved the stone for his uncles who had taken him in hand after his fathers death.  They encouraged him in his writing.

The stone Hugh Miller carved as a young man.

A signature of Hugh Miller in the collections of the Hunterian Museum on the engraving by Bell.

Rather than effuse endlessly on Hugh Miller's work, I shall put a few links to pages where this is done more than adequately by others.

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