Alfred Correya's Baltic amber collection

This collection has recently been acquired by the Hunterian Museum with the help of the National Fund for Acquisitions.

Caddis (left) at least two flies (middle and right (with spider eating it)), a mite (on top of beetle), and a click beetle (Coleoptera, Elateroidea) (top)

Many of the flies have been identified to Family level.

List of inclusions

(Click on a category to see the images)
  1. flies
  2. spiders and mites (including a spider's web)
  3. wasps and ants
  4. nymphs and larvae (including a caterpillar)
  5. springtails and bristletails
  6. beetles
  7. worms
  8. cockroach
  9. bacteria
  10. weirdos and other beasts

Number of different kinds of inclusions in tabular form.
Other amber specimens in the Hunterian Museum (up-to-date inclusion identification of the Baltic amber from the old collections).

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