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Catriona and me at Bearreraig Bay, Isle of Skye in 1999 (Easter)

Research projects:

The Elgin Marvel
Scottish Dinosaurs

Local and Scottish Geology

Searcheable database:

  1. We now have part of our catalogued collection on a searchable database called INCA.  You can now search using the prototype on the following page.
  2. We have some of the main collections of the museum online, but you can also search one of our stores for (mostly uncatalogued) material that may be of interest from our HUG database.

On request:

  • Agnathans in the general collections
  • Rostroconchia in the Hunterian Museum
  • Conodonts in the collections
  • sharks teeth in the Hunterian Museum with images.
  • Gregory's Eocene corals from the Fly River, Guinea.
  • Pliosaurs in the general collections
  • Tynet Burn vertebrates of the Middle Old Red Sandstone.
  • Dura Den fish of the Upper Old Red Sandstone of Fife, Scotland.
  • Oracadian fish from the Devonian of Scotland in the general collections
  • Rhizodonts and possible rhizodonts
  • High-res image of a Lower Carboniferous stromatolite (stained section 2.2Mb) from Fife, Scotland.
  • Silurian crinoids in the collections of the Hunterian Museum.
  • Silurian starfish in the Hunterian Museum collections.
  • Ordovician crinoids collected by Neil Gilmore.
  • Ordovician echinozoa from the George Rae Collection.
  • Some Scottish Pleistogene mammals in the Hunterian Museum Collections
  • Cambridge pterosaurs from the Hunterian Museum Collections
  • Lepidotes latifrons reconstruction on display in the Hunterian Museum
  • Images of some vertebrates in the collections
  • Gyracanthus in the collections
  • Dinosaur material in the Hunterian Collections
  • Kents Cavern mammals from Devon
  • Caenozoic Mammals from British Localities


    New Acquisitions to the Palaeontological collections:

    Alfred Correya's Baltic Amber collection

    Mystery fossils

    Gem stone exhibition for John

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