Alex Sharp pots

Alex Sharp big pot Large tenmoku-glazed stoneware vase/bottle, with glaze breaking over fluted sides (made at Morar Pottery - 1950s)
Alexander Sharp big pot marks Alex Sharp and Morar Pottery marks on base of large vase/bottle
Alex Sharp wee pot Small stoneware bowl (Morar Pottery - 1950s)
Alex Sharp wee vase Small stoneware vase/bottle (Morar Pottery - 1950s) 1950s

Alex Sharp bowl Stoneware bowl, made by Alex at Leach Pottery (late 1940s - early 1950s?)

Alex Sharp Leach pottery marks Alex Sharp and Leach Pottery marks on base of above pot (late 1940s - early 1950s?)

Alex Sharp bowl Tenmoku bowl, made at Morar Pottery. This won the tenmoku prize at the 1952 Dartington Conference.

Alex Sharp bowl mark Poor photo of mark on base of above pot - AS and MP.

Probably my favourite potter. Alexander Sharp was born in 1918, and grew up in Barrhead, near Glasgow. After studying with with Bernard Leach at St. Ives, he ran Highland Home Industries Morar Pottery, near Mallaig, from around 1951 to 1956. He exhibited at Leach's famous 1952 Dartington conference on craft industries, where one of his pots (see below) won the tenmoku prize. His Morar pots also featured in "The Living Traditions" exhibition in the Royal Scottish Museum in Edinburgh, as part of the Festival of Britain. Later, he moved to Rothesay, on Bute, and set up a pottery there. Later, he moved to Giffnock, on the south side of Glasgow, where he lived until he died in 2010. There is a fine collection of his pots, especially from the 1960s, in Paisley Museum (who have excellent and wide-ranging studio pottery collections), and there is also at least one in the V&A, one of two bought by Henry Rothschild at an HHI exhibition in London in the 1950's. There is a good obituary of him in the Glasgow Herald